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nptc chainsaw courses, chainsaw training hampshire

Chainsaw Maintenance and Cross Cutting Unit 201 & 202 Level 2 (Formerly CS30) - 2 days

In this unit students learn how to sharpen and maintain a chainsaw, how to start and check functionality and then how to cross cut timber safely at the end of the course students wishing to obtain a certificate will be assessed independently.

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NPTC Tree Felling Tree Climbing and Rescue Courses

Small Tree Felling Unit 203 Level 2 (Formerly CS31) - 5 days

Felling small trees involves learning legislation relating to trees and their protection, being able to assess a tree with a view to felling it, understanding the different cuts used when felling and why they are used, being able to fell a tree in the desired direction, being able to confidently take down a hung up tree with hand tools. This unit is also independantly assessed for those who want the certificate.

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chainsaw training course, Chainsaw from a rope and harness Courses

Chainsaw Maintenance, Cross Cutting and Small Tree Felling Unit 201, 202 & 203 Level 2 ( Formerly CS30&31) - 6 days

During this combined course, learners will get to grips with chainsaw basics and felling small trees as mentioned above, this is quite an intensive course for complete beginners! Independently assessed.

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Tree Climbing and Rescue Course, Tree Climbing Courses, NPTC Tree Climbing and Rescue

Tree Climbing and Aerial Rescue Unit 206 & 306 Level 2 & 3 (Formerly CS38) - 6 days

Learning to tree climb is one of the most physically demanding units, a good power to weight ratio and head for heights is essential. There is more legislation to learn relating to working at height and learning about the equipment being used. Aerial Rescue involves bringing a casualty out of the tree or off of a pole safely, the pole is carried out wearing climbing spurs/spikes. Assessment is independant for this unit.

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Aerial cutting of trees, Aerial Tree Rigging Courses

Aerial Cutting of Trees With and Chainsaw using Freefall Techniques Unit 308 Level 3 (Formerly CS39) - 3 days

Using a chainsaw in the canopy of a tree has its challenges, in this unit learning includes target pruning, some basic tree physiology, positioning in the tree when using a chainsaw, cuts that are used aerially and why they are used and safe starting techniques, Independent assessment for this unit.

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Aerial Tree Rigging Courses, Chainsaw from a rope and harness Courses, Tree Climbing Courses

Aerial Tree Pruning Unit 307 Level 3 (Formerly CS40) - 2 days

Mastering aerial pruning is not an easy feat, this course focuses on types of pruning an arborist may be asked to carry out, practising crown reducing, crown thinning, crown lifting and crown cleaning. More knowledge of tree physiology and precautions when pruning. This unit has an integrated assessment.

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Aerial Tree Rigging Courses, nptc courses, ntcp city and guilds certificate hampshire

Aerial Tree Rigging Unit 309 Level 3 (Formerly CS41) - 3 days

With the Aerial Tree Rigging unit, learning includes equipment selection and configuration, site setup and anchor point selection, are among the basic skills taught, working out an estimated force and loading created by sections being removed is also shown and practised. After the theory of this subject is understood, the practical elements can be practised. Independent assessment for this unit.

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Brushwood Chipper Courses, Emergency First Aid at Work +F

Manually Fed Brushwood Chipper Unit 222 Level 2 - 1 day

This unit covers the basic functions and maintenance of Brushwood Chippers. Knowledge of types of chipper, legislation relating to them, safety features and acceptable uses are covered and practised, this unit is assessed by integrated assessment.

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Stump Grinding, Stump Grinder Courses, EFAW + F

Safe use of a Stump Grinder Level 2 -1 day

City and Guilds NPTC level 2 in the safe use of a stump grinder, which involves; learning the health and safety requirements for operating a stump grinder, Learn to carry out a risk assessment on a site, preparing the equipment and site for stump grinder operations, operating a stump grinder and how to maintain a stump grinder

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Emergency First Aid At Work F EFAWF

Emergency First Aid at Work +F (EFAW+F) - 1 day

Specialist first aid course for forestry workers. Learn the emergency first aid skills to keep you and your colleagues safe when working in a forest environment.

This one-day EFAW (Emergency First Aid at Work) course trains you in the immediate skills to look after yourself and your colleagues in these environments until medical professionals arrive.

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